On July 26th London’s Open Data initiative will go before London’s City Council. There are a couple of things on the agenda before it comes up for vote but these should go through rather quickly I’m told. If all goes well we can expect it to come up for discussion/vote between 5:15pm and the dinner break.

How can YOU support this important initiative?

  1. You can e-mail or call your Councilor – a complete list of Councilors can be found here.
  2. You can come out to Council tonight – a show of interest from the community goes a long way.
  3. Contact us and let us know what skills you can lend to make this a huge success in London. Graphic designers, project managers, idea people, citizen and non-profit organizations, programmers – a wide range of people and skills are needed to make these projects happen.

It’s important to note that City Council will meet at the Middlesex County Building at 399 Ridout Street North as Council Chambers at City Hall are undergoing important renovations.
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Here’s a copy of the report prepared by Elaine Gamble and unanimously approved by London’s Board of Control on July 19, 2010.

City of London Open Data Initiative – Board of Control Report