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Open Data Day 2013 Hackathon – Sat. Feb 23


London will be participating in Open Data Day 2013 To register, please visit the Event Brite page: http://londata2013.eventbrite.com You can view the wiki to add project ideas here: http://wiki.opendataday.org/Londata2013 More to come…

Global Open Data Hackathon 2011


December 3rd marks the global open data hackathon. Join developers around the world today in supporting open data. Liberate data, build tools or work with a dataset. This is a great opportunity to work on your submission for the City of London Budget App contest. The submission date is quickly approaching.

City of London Budget App Contest 2011


I am very happy to announce that the City of London and UnLondon have joined forces to launch an open data/open government city budget app contest. The contest has $5500 worth of prizes and there have already been two big events. The budget data is the latest addiction to the growing list of city data. [...]

Global Open Data Hackathon


Where: Unlondon UnLab When: Saturday, December 4th – all day! Why: Because our city’s budget should be accessible to everyone. This hackathon will be a little different. We’re creating an API to interact with the data, so hackers can spend their time creating ways to view, manipulate and interact with London’s city budget. Programmers will [...]

City of London Provides Feed of Election Results


This week the City of London forwarded over a nice little treat – an XML feed of election results. To the best of my knowledge this is the same feed that media outlets have access to and it’s a really cool opportunity for the Open Data activists here in London. “There is also a new [...]